We first discovered UV inkjet digital technology at a trade show in Australia in January 2015. We were completely blown away by the limitless capabilities and wanted to be the first to offer this to the New Zealand market. We decided to take a shot, invest in the printer and bring it to New Zealand.  We were the first to introduce printed textures. Textured printing gives a ‘3D effect’ and brings the image to life, for example, we can print bricks that look and feel like bricks; or print an elephant that feels rough and leathery.  We can print with ease on many materials such as glass, MDF, plywood, acrylic, canvas, fabrics, autex, clip wall and name a few! The greatest results for our textured prints are on MDF and plywood. Some interesting examples include printing on stones, rocks and on the cut surface of a log of wood.

The options are endless.

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