High Pressure Laminate

Laminate remains the most common and most economical material for benchtop surfaces in New Zealand. Some people refer to High Pressure Laminate as Formica.  HPL is very durable and comes in a great range of colours and textures.

High pressure laminates are usually used for work surfaces, kitchen benchtops, laundry tops, vanity tops, motorhomes, caravans and occasionally cabinets & tables.  HPL is also used in commercial environments and can be used in vertical situations eg; toilet cubicles etc.

Simply Surfaces supply and install many brands of HPL and also exclusively have their own brand called Ultra Laminate.   You can check out their colour range here. 


What is HPL?

High Pressure Laminate is a product manufactured of quality craft papers and printed papers that are fused together with phenolic resins, combined with surface plates heated under extreme pressures to form the HPL material.

Where is HPL best used?

High wear work surfaces – eg, kitchens, offices, hospitality, medicinal, educational and commercial areas. It can also be used for decorative paneling and wall shelving systems.

It is more cost effective than Acrylic/Solid Surface?

HPL is generally known as an excellent entry level, cost effective surface for high wear areas. HPL can on average, be 3 – 5 times more cost effective than other commonly used products, such as natural granites and engineered stone in similar environments.

What is the lead time for a new benchtop?

Depending on the complexity of the the job, this can be anywhere from days to weeks, but in general we operate on a 10 working day time frame for HPL, and 10- 20 working days for Solid Surface products, from the date of order confirmation.

How long does an HPL surface take to install?

Depending on complexity of the job and location, installation could take from 1 hour to 8 hours.  Very occasionally, we may have to visit the site on a second day to complete finishing details.

Can I install it myself?

Depending on the complexity of job, this can sometimes be arranged.

Can I choose which colour and texture I would like?

Yes, we have hundreds of colours and textures available.  You can also choose to have a matt, semi gloss, high gloss, wood grain or embossed finish.