Solid Surface Splashbacks     

Tavolo 100% acrylic premium solid surface Splashbacks are a beautiful, seamless, easy to install, splashback and a feature in any residential kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

15 expertly curated New Zealand inspired colours and designs to complement any kitchen surface. Optional machining effects like subway tile, tile, tongue and groove, herringbone, chevron and basketweave bring your splashback to life.

  • 15 NZ inspired colours / 12mm
  • Hygenic
  • Stain, fade and chemical resistant
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Repairable


What is Tavolo acrylic solid surface? 

Tavolo is a man-made acrylic solid surface material usually composed of a combination of Alumina Trihydrate (ATH), 40% natural minerals, acrylic resins and pigments. It is most frequently used for seamless countertop installations.  

Where is Tavolo acrylic solid surface best used? 

Residential properties, commercial environments, hospitality, food preparation areas and more.

It is more expensive than High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)? 

This is dependent on application and installation, but most of the time an acrylic solid surface is more expensive than HPL.

What is the lead time for a new splashback?  

This can vary, but in general, we operate on a 20 working day period for acrylic solid surface products from the date of order confirmation and site measure. 

How long does a Solid Surface splashback take to install?  

Depending on the complexity of the job and location, installation could take from 1 to 8 hours.  Very occasionally, we may have to visit the site on a second day to complete the finishing details. 

Can I install it myself?  

No, generally a certified fabricator/installer would need to install this surface.

Can I choose which colour I would like?  

Yes, we have plenty of options available.  Come and visit our showroom and browse through our samples.